Lost Poems

For those poems you find stuffed into the backs of drawers, in shoe boxes, even in dusty corners of your mind . . .  Please contribute to the ongoing Rausland project — to gather a Lost Collection, starting here. 


I wrote a poem

but it’s lost

and i don’t remember

who I


(c) 2005, Rose Auslander

Vicki Heng , from Singapore, has found another poem!

i frown upon the greys and blacks
beiges and whites and blues
of my unexciting work clothes
and killer high heel shoes
i detest wearing jackets
and shirts that won’t stay tucked
not to mention business lunches
on how to make big bucks

i’m mostly putting on a show
with that rehearsed knowing look
and that well-timed nodding of my head
you can’t learn from any book

in actual fact i’m still a child
not quite ready to grow up
i’d rather be writing or crafting
or playing with my pup

i’d give anything to quit this life
to break out of my skin
to do the things i want to do
fulfil desires within

this cocoon of the working world
it’s suffocating the hidden me
but that’s the way it’s always been
it’s life’s unfortunate decree

perhaps one day, one special day
when the sun is shining bright
this forever child will step bravely out
and finally see the light

 And I love this one from J.S. Graustein: 

Grey Rose

By J.S.  Graustein (from 1987,  aged __teen, found in a buried damp; yellowing notebook)

Cold grey cement is churned to liquidity
Poured into a mould
To set and become firm
Continuous and solid.
Time passes
Feet trample
Pressure builds
Bonds break
Forming cracks
Fissures in the stone
Separating parts of the whole
More cold, liquid grey is added
With time the cracks appear
Bigger than before
Anguish, sorrow, consternation, hate
Grasses grow filling space
Spreading as a bridge
To link broken parts
As a single rose
Rises from the green.

(c) 1987, J.S. Graustein

And  Vicki Heng, has also kindly given permission for this one: 

Sightly offk y

my grandad’s old typ writ r

do sn’t work so w ll anymor

it’s rusty and dusty

in a f w plac s, mayb mor .

my grandad’s old typ writ r

was his last gift to m

compl t with a cas of its own

and missing l tt r ” “.

(c) 2009, Vicki Heng

The good news is that more work is recovered all the time.  Last I’d checked the Google Book search project, my late father’s writings hadn’t been scanned yet.  Today, there are pages.  Louis Auslander.  Not lost.


10 thoughts on “Lost Poems

  1. This is an intriguing, and refreshing, project. I hope to read more contributions. Frankly, I’m blown away by Vicki Heng’s poem, as I myself have labored many a day tack-tack-typing lengthy scripts on that hammer-writer. There are ghosts of ribbon-smudges on my fingers. 😦

    Back to the poem — ingenious. Engaging on several levels. 🙂 Cheers.

  2. rausland

    S.L., thanks so much for stopping by. I love your blog, and totally agree with your response to Vicki’s poem!

    And we are always happy to adopt more lost poems. Let us know if any turn up 🙂

    1. rausland

      Hey J, thanks so much! Now that I’ve made it through NaPoWriMo, I can’t wait to get involved with your events 🙂

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