WELCOME.  I’m Rose Auslander.  Here I am in a NYC park with Rick, my husband of 34 years (yes, I married straight from the cradle).

Rick and I (photo courtesy of Liz Hanellin)

As dance partners back in the day, we toured colleges and communities in the Midwest.

Rick and me on the road
But a knee injury in my early thirties changed all that (it’s hard to dance when you can’t straighten or bend your left knee).  For years, I’d been dying to start a family — now that I was grounded, it seemed like the perfect time.  Except that I’d lost my way of making a living.  We could barely afford our fourth-floor Brooklyn loft, even without kids.  Still, Rick and I loved Brooklyn, and didn’t want to leave.  Obviously one of us had to earn the kind of paycheck that could support a family in NYC.  So I went to law school.  And got pregnant a few weeks into my first year.

Me holding baby Freddie
(weeks before 2nd year of law school)
I managed to nurse my way through school, all the way to my JD — and then got pregnant again my first year as a lawyer.  Now my law school baby, Freddie, has just graduated college herself, and moved back home.  My younger daughter, Willa, has been taking a couple of gap years after graduating high school.  She’s temporarily at home, preparing to head out for a year of wilderness survival in the woods of Wisconsin, starting this May.

Freddie & Willa

And me?  These days, I’m a writer, a lawyer, an editor of Folded Word Press, and author of the upcoming memoir, A Pencil on the Ceiling, about surviving law school while pregnant and then while caring for baby Freddie.  An excerpt about trying to study while nursing my baby was recently published online by The Literary Lawyer — it’s called Unravelling, and you can find here  (originally published by The Mom Egg, Volume 8, here).

Other Publications:  I’m a co-editor of On a Narrow Windowsill, the first anthology of Twitter poems and micro-stories, and on April 5, 2011, I read selected pieces on NPR: click for NPR clip.  My poem “For You Mothers,” at Literary Lunchroom, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and my “Oh My” was nominated for Best of the Net: Click for YouTube video.  Orange Alert Press noted my Pic Fic micro-story, “Meant for Each Other,” on its Watch list (see also Innoculation  and Short, Fast, and Deadly ).

I’m a Regular Contributor to Referential Magazine, which published my poems “Hulk at 50,” “New Year’s Rush,” “Maybe ,” “NaCl,” “This,” “Breaking,” and “What Can You Expect?” as well as my short stories “Dear Dad” and “The Gull.”  I’m also a Regular Contributor to Right Hand Pointing, with “Travel Advisory,”  “Dream Circus,” “Postcard ” “Tahiti in the Bronx,” and “Des Moines“.  And look for “Hi, Little Prince” in Sliver of Stone and “Room 711” in Blue Fifth Review.   Visit more poems in the Red Dirt Review and in cur.ren.cy.  “Hurricane Irene” and “New Again” are in the Dead Mule; Miriam’s Well is running “La Posada”; and “Orange Alert” (scroll down) appears in Cyclamens and Swords.   “Daughter of the Sewer”  appears in My Favorite Bullet and Writers’ Bloc has archived my poem “Naked on Film.”


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Sherry Edwards

    Dear Rose ~ How delightful to find you after all this time. Quite a journey from “Park Dance” to being an accomplished writer and attorney. So happy to see you and Rick still together and that your daughters are thriving. I’m living in Indianapolis now (by way of Kansas City, and Atlanta), retired, and trying to be a writer. You’ve made better progress than I have! Your poetry is lovely. Blessings to you and your family.

    1. Sherry! What a joy to hear your voice. So happy you found me—it’s been a long time! Very cool that you’re living in Indianapolis and writing!! Would love to see your work and hear more about your life . . .

      Huge thanks for your kind thoughts and your support. It means the world. Not sure if you visit Facebook much, but I sent a friend invitation to help say in touch :-).


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