On October 7, 2012

Thomas wrote an entry in his journal, / rubbed it out, / and hiked barehanded away from words / leaving Kotzebue / for the Arctic Dunes of the Kubuk Valley, / turning his back on the Chukchi Sea, / walking past the hungry grizzlies / of the Sungak River / toward the rock face of the Waring Mountains, / to climb the wind / and step inside the sky.

Seeing only an “O” / perhaps all that remained of S.O.S., / searchers tried to send words through / like snowmobiles, / a slow-flying two-seater cub, / a Piper Navajo six-seater, / scanning the floating shelves of ice / well into December / for smoke signals / for letters in the snow, / for his rusted beard, / his mossy eyes, / his grin.

4 thoughts on “On October 7, 2012

  1. Thank you for doing this again, Rose! You inspire me and I loved this one. I am thinking about what you are using for a theme and since I’m away from the computer much of the day this week, might use ideas from the book I’m reading. Best wishes!

    1. Terry Minchow-Proffitt

      Rose, I’m finally starting these. The first poem is wonderful, all of it. I’m especially drawn in by the last two lines of each stanza. I’m looking forward to this journey.

      1. Terry, I’m so glad you’re reading these poems — this month has been a crazy journey. Thank you for letting me know that you liked the first poem and for the helpful feedback 🙂

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