Trying to Assemble Spring

Spring in Progress
Spring in Progress

Some of you know about my KenKen and Sudoku addictions from my last post.  I might as well also admit to jonesing for a good jigsaw puzzle now and then.  Especially now, when it’s below freezing outside at night, but just days away from spring.  It’s irrational, I know, but I start to feel that if I can fit together each piece of spring, the weather will follow.

I’ve done my part — the puzzle is done now.  It’s up to the weather to cooperate . . .  I promise I’ll keep the puzzle on our kitchen table until it does.

Spring -- assembled!
Spring — Assembled!



One thought on “Trying to Assemble Spring

  1. Thanks, Steve! We left the puzzle up until we had to clear the table for Easter and Passover — at which point, we deemed it to be spring despite the cold weather. At least, by now, Brooklyn is blooming 🙂

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