Can you solve this puzzle?

Sudoku in progress
Sudoku in progress

About a year ago, I got hooked on the KenKen puzzles in the Sunday New York Times.  When that addiction got out of control (I began printing extra KenKen puzzles to have enough to solve during the week), I solved the problem — by adding Sudoku.  I started with a puzzle or two.  Then I bought an entire book of the things.  It did cut down on my Ken Ken use.  But I got even more addicted to Sudoku.  The saddest part is that I’m terrible at numbers.  More than once I’ve stayed up most of the night trying to solve a single KenKen puzzle (and note the use of “trying to”).  For what it’s worth, I have gotten to the point where I can solve “Very Hard” Sudoku.  But not quickly.  And I keep thinking that when I fit in the last number, something more will be solved.  So far, no luck.


Completed "Very Hard" Sudoku puzzle.
Completed “Very Hard” Sudoku puzzle.




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