Finding Time to Be Joyful


Frenchtown Buddha
Joyful Buddha

This Sunday afternoon, a writer friend on deadline emailed me: “You work full-time, with two children at home — how do you find time to write?”  I was out at the movies with my husband, so I didn’t answer in time for her deadline.  If I had been home, I’d have said, “I find time to write because I want to.  I love writing.  The real question is how I find time to do my day job.”  My friend, writer Amy Gutman, consulted a few other writers — and everyone said the same.  Her excellent article is here:  The Why is the How.

Isn’t it funny how we can find time for what we truly want to do?  I didn’t think twice about spending a few hours seeing Silver Linings Playbook with my husband (loved it!).  And hey, we can “find time” for a kiss.  It’s gotten to the point where if I’m struggling to do something, anything, I stop for a second — and ask myself whether I want to do it.  If the answer is no, I ask whether there is an alternative.  Can I skip vacuuming this week?  Can someone else do it?  That’s why my house is messy.  That’s why I don’t buy clothes that need ironing.  And that’s how I wrote my new poetry chapbook, Folding Water.  I’d rather have a book of poems than a spotless, soulless house.  I think this joyful Buddha would agree.


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