How to Fold Water

I’m so happy to have a poetry chapbook coming out!  To learn how to fold water (and other secrets of life), please pre-order — just click here.  Many thanks in advance for your support!

Have a beautiful week.

A copy of the postcard, with cover and author photographs by the gifted Liz Hanellin:


Thankful for the End of Hurricane Season


Ironic that the best escape from Hurricane Sandy was . . . Florida?  Yes, the weather map is upside down.  After working in our Wall Street offices without heat, I was lucky enough to escape for a quick business meeting in Orlando.  So much sunshine after so much rain felt like sci fi: Will the planet get to a point where we all need to scramble for oases from weather disasters?  I’m back in NYC now, but at least the heat is back on, too — and hurricane season is over. 

And, thank God, my daughter Willa has returned home from her trip across the country, safe and happy.

I’m very grateful. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

Signs of Recovery from Sandy

Kids Play on Fallen Tree

In our corner of Brooklyn, Carroll Park is open again — and a venerable tree knocked over by Sandy has become temporary playground equipment.  I hate to think how we’ll sweat through next summer without shade from this old fellow and all the other trees Sandy knocked down.  At least kids are having fun climbing and sitting on what’s left.

More updates: After typing for a week with fingerless gloves, I’m happy to report that our office has heat again.  But the crew who work at Sky Rink, Chelsea Piers, are still waiting to get back on the job.  The ice compressors were under four feet of water, and the rink won’t be ready to reopen for weeks. 

Near home, Red Hook — which the City had worked so hard to turn from a slum into a tourist port — is devastated.  If you’d like to help, click here