Driving, Hiking, and Sleeping under the Stars

Willa & her friend Liz in Utah
(Photo by Adam Vanderhoef)

Here’s Willa, walking out of the canyons of Utah, facing into the light.  I swear she looks taller than when she left home just 2 1/2 weeks ago.  And certainly happier.  So here goes:  All of you who reassured me about Willa’s travel plans, who reminded me that Willa is talented, strong, resourceful, and capable of handling herself on the road — you were right.  It really was time to let her go.  Thank you.

Willa’s had a cool trip up to Canada, out to Mount Rushmore and into the Badlands, driving, hiking, and sleeping under the stars.  And I’ve loved the armchair journey from Brooklyn.  Today, she’s driving through Reno, Nevada, heading for San Francisco.  I can practically taste the sourdough bread.  Stay tuned . . .

2 thoughts on “Driving, Hiking, and Sleeping under the Stars

  1. Adam Vanderhoef

    hey while doing a search for my name I stumbled across your blog. I spoke to Willa by txt just today and she seems to be doing well. Im heading to Baja in April. Hope the storm of the century treated you well. Cheers


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