How Not to Worry about a Daughter on the Road

Freddie and Willa: Together in Ohio

Life is upside down: our older daughter, Freddie, is back home from Ohio; our younger daughter, Willa, is on the road.  Willa started by trekking out to Ohio with Freddie, but quickly split for Toronto to visit friends.  She’s now west of Chicago, heading for Utah’s Great Salt Desert and then to San Francisco.  And me?  I’ve been anxious as all get out about Willa’s cross-country trip (we’re talking nights without sleep).  Technology to the rescue:  Willa arranged for me to track her travels through and her texts.  The surprise is that it’s turning out to be cool armchair traveling.  Especially because Willa sounds happier than she has since, oh, ninth grade. 

Our house is quiet.  Freddie is working at Brooklyn Pantry, catering to celebs like the Gyllenhaals — and when I’m home, she’s usually on the job.  My husband Rick and I are — yes, for me this is strange — relaxing.  Although I’m secretly considering a road trip of our own.

This NYC rainbow augurs well:

Rainbow: Courtesy of Oliya Clarkson


4 thoughts on “How Not to Worry about a Daughter on the Road

  1. Having my kids go off to camp is bad enough, I can’t imagine the ways I will miss and worry about them when they are older. I’m freaking out about my son learning to drive!

    Sounds like you have everything under control, though. 🙂

  2. Val, thanks so much — sounds like you’re a great mom! As for me, the best I can say is “sort of under control” (you will note a bit of a pause since the last blog post, while I gathered my wits). Anyway, not to be obsessive, but I just checked, and right now, Willa’s slightly north of Madison, Wisconsin, heading for Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I’m afraid I’ll only truly relax when she gets back home. 🙂

  3. David Griesing

    This is really wonderful: that the monitoring you put in place has made you want to take your own trip! I really hope you guys get to venture forth. (And there’s a cup of coffee waiting for you in Philly if you come this way.)

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