The Magic of the Nantucket Sky

Nantucket, July 2012

Surfside Beach, Nantucket

Ah, Nantucket!  Every year, when the ferry pulls in and the church steeples and widow’s walks of Nantucket rise out of the haze across the water, I think of the magical Scottish village Brigadoon, which appears from the mist once every hundred years.  Of course, in Nantucket, I don’t need to wear tartan or do traditional dances.  This is fortunate, as I can’t do anything but stand and stare at the wide-open sky above those island beaches.  We never see that sky in Brooklyn.  Not like on Surfside Beach – where, if I squint, the clouds dance like Rockettes, kicking together in chorus lines that turn into a corps de ballet and float through Swan Lake.

I’ve heard a person can magically relocate to Brigadoon by walking across a bridge that appears in the clouds.  And what clouds could possibly be more hospitable than Nantucket’s?  But no matter how long I stare, no bridge ever appears.  Every year, I walk across the ‘Sconset Bridge in Nantucket, hoping that will do the trick instead.  But each time, I find myself back in Brooklyn at the end of vacation week.

The ‘Sconset Bridge

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