Is It Harder for Women To Juggle?

June 22, 2012.  Ann-Marie Slaughter says women can’t have it all — the demands of high-powered jobs are so unrealistic that it’s impossible to balance those jobs with family life.  Thoughtful as always, Lisa Belkin agrees that it’s time for major changes in workplace demands, especially now that technology frees us to be easily mobile (for her article, click here).  As she points out, as things stand, men can’t have it all either.  

Still, the balance weighs heavier on women of child-bearing age:  Men don’t have to balance pregnancy and breast-feeling with their jobs.  If they did, the work place would have changed a long time ago.  Sadly, in this struggling economy, work demands are more out of wack now than ever:  a huge percentage of us aren’t working at all — the rest are overworked.  For everyone’s sake, it’s time to change things now.

As the mother of two daughters, I pray the working world finds a healthier balance soon.  Click here for today’s update as my college-graduate daughter moves back home.

2 thoughts on “Is It Harder for Women To Juggle?

  1. As a working mom of two, I am so grateful to be working for a woman who has raised three children on her own! She allows me as much flexibility as she can. As long as the work gets done- it matters not where or when it happens. Now, if we could just do something about the “eye” I get from moms who choose to stay at home, that would be great!

  2. Rose Auslander

    Meredith, I’m so glad you have an understanding boss — that makes all the difference! And she’s so right, as long as the work is done well and in time for any deadlines, why should anyone micromanage? As long as that’s all clicking, maybe the best you can do is to shrug off the “eye.” I’ve always been the worst of working moms, spending way too many hours on the job — and feeling defensive about it. Of course, many moms feel defensive about staying home, too. I tell myself the secure thing is not to worry about anyone’s judgment . . .

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