Good and Bad Mother Books

It’s April 27, 2012 — heading toward Mother’s Day.  But mommies have been getting some bad press lately.  It started with the Tiger Mother book — which read as if Joan Crawford had written Mommie Dearest about herself.  Then, of course, there was Hilary Rosen’s put down.  Now there is How To Die in Paris.  Not to give anything away, but while the book is beautifully written, the mommie is bad.  Very bad.

So when I went looking for a book to buy for my mother, it was a joy to find a couple of happy mommy books.  First, The God Box.  In this little book, Mary Lou Quinlin builds from her original Real Simple article, and does her faithful, caring mother proud.  And I’m loving For You Mom, Finally, in which foodie Ruth Reichl pays homage to her bad-cook mom.

My advice?  If you’re buying your mom a book for the holiday, be a little careful — but there are some gems out there.

It’s April 16, 2012.  Welcome to your week.  As rosengate continues, over Hilary Rosen’s intemperate comment about at-home mothers, I keep thinking her only luck is in her timing:  mid-April rather than mid-May.  If she’d spoken on Mother’s Day, she’d probably have been forced to leave the country.  As it is, she’s certainly heated things up.  Feels more like July today than anything.