A Brooklyn Poem

Funny — now that we’ve been up in Cape Cod over a half year, my Brooklyn poems are making their way into the world.  If you haven’t seen it yet, click here for “Dead Moon, Brooklyn” — a finalist in Tupelo Quarterly’s contest this year:  http://www.tupeloquarterly.com/dead-moon-brooklyn-by-rose-auslander/


Ghazel of Shards

Dear ones, might a sign appear, if only a shard?
Even if sheered from nothing, a shard.

50 days slipped safely past
you who have disappeared—bequeath a shard.

Wherever you flew, wherever you fell
Dear lost ones, just a shard.

Your spectral lines, your memories, even your
fear clinging somewhere. However sharp, a shard.

Do you remember us?
We wait here. Even for a shard.